ARMSTO is a subsidiary of Kuzu Group, founded to provide for the connector needs of Turkish defence and aerospace sector at the first phase and the entire world in the near future.

Our strong corporate structure that is independent of individuals, our competent R&D and production staff, our extensive product family, our modern installations, and our high production capacity lets us be the game changer in the connector market.

Message from Vefa Kuzu, Founder of ARMSTO

As ARMSTO, we started our journey to provide products that are compliant with worldwide quality standards, and even surpassing them, with much shorter delivery times, in addition to being more cost-effective for the Turkish defence and aerospace sector.

Our first stop in our journey is ensuring Türkiye never needs to import connectors. When we achieve this goal, our defence and aerospace industry will be in a position not to be affected by open or secret embargoes, to provide platforms not subject to any export restrictions or controls, and to offer advantages like cost-effectiveness and delivery times compared to its global competitors.

Our next stop will be becoming a company that is exporting connectors from Türkiye to the world. We have started our investments and business development capabilities for this reason already. Our goal is to build ARMSTO, a company that receives $200 million in revenue yearly.

Vefa KUZU, Member of Board of Kuzu Group and Chairman of ARMSTO

Our Mission

ARMSTO has made producing connectors currently used by the defence and aerospace sector and will be needed by the sector in the future, from R&D and design to production, and delivering them to sector stakeholders at the highest quality possible, with reasonable costs and punctual delivery schedules, while being 100 percent national and domestic in all its processes, its vision.

Our Vision

Being a global supplier that provides all connector needs of not only Türkiye, but also her allied and friendly countries. Ensuring that ARMSTO, national and domestic in its engineering and products, becomes a company that goes above and beyond producing connectors for current and future needs by setting future connector standards.

Facilities and Infrastructure

We are hard at work in our factory enclosing 5,000 square metres, located in the 2nd Organised Industrial Zone of Ankara Chamber of Industry to provide our services to you.